actor & singer


Jack appeared in a wide variety of television programmes from 1965 onwards.

His very first work was probably as a stand-in for camera rehearsals on the BBC children’s series Crackerjack, although he did not appear in the show.

Many stage school children were supplied for this kind of work.  A step up from this was non-speaking extra work in drama series and television plays, then to featured roles with the occasional line and an on-screen credit. Jack did a mixture of all these, mostly for the BBC, though sadly few of the programmes survive. He also played important roles in dramas such as A Game – Like – Only A Game and Z Cars.

In 1968 the release of Oliver! made him much in demand for variety shows both at home and in the U.S., and his pop career also ensured many small-screen appearances.

His best-known television work was in H R Pufnstuf, filmed in 1969, but he worked on several other series in the 1970s and continued to make occasional appearances for the rest of his life.

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